Women across Iran staged a protest against their government by walking in public areas without a hijab.

The protest happened on July 12 and was documented across social media by women using the hashtags #WalkingUnveiled and #No2Hijab.

One news outlet, Iran International, showed several videos of women in public areas of their cities without wearing a hijab.

Iran has compulsory veiling laws and women have been sent to jail for protesting the law, requiring hijab’s to be worn by women in public.

“My dear Islamic Republic, I’m commemorating the National Hijab and Decency Day,” one woman jokingly said in a video.

Another woman protested the compulsory laws by exercising in a city park without wearing a hijab, according to one video.

Lisa Daftari, the editor-in-chief of the Foreign Desk website, has documented this year’s growing unrest in Iran and told Fox News Digital, “The women of Iran are being brave in telling the world about their lack of rights. They are risking imprisonment and harsh punishments in putting their faces on social media with a message for the regime: they’ve had enough.”

She continued, “This latest women’s movement is yet another group of disenchanted Iranians coming out onto the streets to tell their story … you have leaders calling out to President Biden to press Saudi Arabia on human rights, but those same leaders stop short of telling the president to push human rights at the negotiating table with Iran. Human rights aren’t a matter of political expediency. The women of Iran are calling out in need of support.”

According to Radio Free Europe, which is funded by the U.S. government, at least one woman was arrested during the protest after a video of her without wearing a hijab was seen by the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps.

In the video, according to the outlet, the woman can be seen riding a bus without a hijab and was confronted by another woman who threatened to send a video of the woman to the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps.

The country-wide protest comes after Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi issued an order in July aimed at enforcing the compulsory hijab law, stating that any woman found noncompliant with the law will not be allowed in banks, public transportation, or government offices, according to the report.

Source » foxnews