By Sultan Al Angari, Ambassador of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to the Republic of South Africa

As the designated Ambassador of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to the friendly Republic of South Africa, I found myself obliged to enlighten the general public, particularly the distinguished readers of Pretoria News, about the nature of the frequent attacks that my country, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, has recently experienced by the Houthi militia backed by Iran.

I would like to start by highlighting the damning report of the UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres to the Security Council which concluded that the United Nations examined debris of weapons used in attacks on a Saudi oil facility in Afif in May, on the Abha international airport in June and August and on the Saudi Aramco oil facilities in Khurais and Abqaiq in September.

“The Secretariat assesses that the cruise missiles and/or parts thereof used in the four attacks are of Iranian origin,” Guterres wrote. The UN chief also said that drones used in the attacks in May and September were “of Iranian origin.”

In this regard, it is of great importance to make the following remarks:

All the evidence has already been presented at the press conference of the Ministry of Defense of Saudi Arabia, which are some of the wreckage of 25 drones and cruise missiles, which confirm and leave no doubt that Iran is responsible for the sabotage, and this is confirmed by the report.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has the ability and capabilities to defend its infrastructure and benefited from advanced technologies to determine the source of weapons and missiles that targeted our oil installations and which the international community strongly condemned for the harm it represents to the stability of the global economy.

The sabotage that targeted the oil facilities was not only against the Kingdom but also targeted the international community and the global economy in the first place as the attack resulted in a 50% drop in oil production equivalent to 5.7 million barrels daily.

It is not strange for a regime based on the export of its revolution, since the Iranian coup in the year 1979 and the Iranian aggression in increasing against the Kingdom in particular, where he has been the victim of these Iranian attacks 113 citizen and many residents.

The Kingdom’s invitation to international and international experts to participate in the investigation reflects the Kingdom’s transparency with the international community regarding the reality of what happened and clarify it in the evidence, and for the international community to bear its responsibility and this was done by an independent and transparent investigation.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is keen to secure international maritime passages and corridors as well as oil installations, based on its concern for international peace and security.

The report confirms Iran’s adoption of the Houthi terrorist militia.

The international community should pressure the Tehran regime to change its behaviour, to be a normal regime, and to desist from aggressive foreign policy towards the region and the world.

The report and its results reinforce the position towards extending the ban on the production, export and supply of Iranian weapons and demanding sanctions against Iran’s ballistic missile program, given that the missiles and Drones used in the attack on the kingdom were used for long-range launch techniques.

The results of the report confirm the necessity to act in accordance with international law to hold Iran accountable for its aggression, and the need to take all measures towards the nuclear and ballistic programs that Iran is working on.

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