Iran regime’s huge terror financing scandal in Europe

A clear and explicit look at Iranian regime’s recent failed terrorist attempt could help clearly understand why the regime decided to move forward with its plot despite being faced with such unfavorable conditions. Wasn’t the regime aware of the heavy price it had to pay even if the attempt succeeded? The answer is definitely ‘Yes’, and the regime was fully aware of that.

The religious dictatorship ruling Iran knows quite well that, unlike the past 40 years, the world’s cameras are zooming in on the regime, with no sign of the past golden era’s mystical rescuers to help the regime survive while turning a blind eye on its crimes.

With the start of Iranian people’s nationwide uprising, Tehran rulers were clearly aware that the Iranian annual gathering held on June 30 in Paris would put a head on the body of Iranian people’s uprising, calling on the world to stand by the Iranian people. That’s why regime officials at the highest levels of decision making, including Ali Khamenei, Hassan Rouhani, Foreign and Intelligence ministers and high-ranking commanders of the Revolutionary Guards’ Quds Force, were planning for months to hit the driving force of the Iranian opposition while investing on this specific recent terrorist attempt to prevent the gathering from being held.

On January 9, 2018, in early days of Iranian people’s uprising, Ali Khamenei pointed his finger at his only serious adversary, namely the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK), saying the organization had been behind the uprising and had planned for it from months before. A little while later, planning the biggest terrorist act against the PMOI (MEK) kicked off in the spider’s nest of the vilayat-e-faqih regime. Referring to the plot, secretary of regime’s Supreme National Security Council ‘Ali Shamkhani’ officially announced that the regime would hit the PMOI (MEK) in such a way that they would never know where they’d been hit from.

At noon on Saturday June 30, 2018, a few hours before the Iranian Grand Gathering with more than 100,000 participants officially kicked off in Paris, Belgian police captured as part of an extensive operation an Iranian regime’s terrorist group that were carrying a powerful bomb due to go off in the grand gathering. Preliminary investigations showed that third secretary of regime’s embassy in Vienna had been in charge of the terror plot and had personally delivered the explosives to the terrorist team in Luxemburg. With the terrorist diplomat and his accomplices arrested, Khamenei and the entire mullahs’ regime were quick to try their best to release Assadi from German police custody and help him escape to Iran through Austria. Organizing numerous terrorist attacks against regime dissidents in the past, the mullahs’ embassy in Austria is regime’s most important terrorist cell in Europe.

It should also be pointed out that on July 12, 1989, only 40 days after Khomeini’s death, regime’s new terror strategy officially kicked off when Tehran-dispatched Guardsmen opened fire in a Vienna apartment, assassinating Dr. Abdolrahman Ghassemloo, former Secretary General of Kurdistan Democratic Party of Iran, while he was negotiating with Rafsnajani’s representatives. The assassination was carried out by the Revolutionary Guardsman ‘Jafari Sahraroudi’. A few months later, on April 24, 1990, mullahs’ regime linked terrorists assassinated Dr. Kazem Rajavi on his way home in the outskirts of Geneva, Switzerland. Yet the list doesn’t stop here: on August 6, 1991, Shahpoor Bakhtiar was assassinated in Paris; on September 17, 1992, Dr. Sadegh Sharafkandi, also a former Secretary General of Kurdistan Democratic Party of Iran, was assassinated in Berlin, Germany; and on March 15, 1993, Mohammad-Hossein Naghdi, NCRI’s representative in Italy was assassinated in Rome.

Although thanks to the West’s appeasement policy toward the bloodthirsty Iranian regime the mullahs’ all previous state terrorism cases were archived unopened, but regime’s recent terror attempt case will not only remain open until fully investigated, but will also help unarchive regime’s previous terrorist acts across the world. With the start of Iranian people’s uprising, domestic and international conditions have seriously turned against the mullahs; an irreversible situation that’s going to remain in place until an imminent regime collapse.

Had the recent terrorist act succeeded, it could definitely turn into a huge disaster not only for Iranian people, but for the international community as well, as prominent figures and delegations from every country in the world had attended the gathering to express their support for the Iranian people’s uprising and the NCRI.

Considering a number of prominent US figures and former office-holders present in Paris gathering could potentially be victims of an explosion and Iranian regime’s terrorism, US Department of State quickly announced that it will pursue the case to the end.

What’s more necessary now than ever, however, is to shut down Iranian terrorist regime’s embassies across the world, in European countries in particular, along with its diplomatic, press and propaganda centers, as well as its so-called literary, cultural and trade associations, all of which are involved in espionage and terrorist activities.

Although there’s a long history of regime’s terrorist acts, especially the ones carried out during Hashemi Rafsanjani’s term in office, but failure of the recent terrorist attempt not only demonstrated to the public opinion the place and importance of the only democratic alternative to the Iranian regime, but once again drew the world’s attention to the state terrorism of the mullahs’ regime and the huge dimensions of its efforts to hit the NCRI.

A look at the record of Iran’s ruling dictatorship makes it quite clear that the policy of repression at home and terrorism abroad is essential to regime’s survival, as regime’s historical, political, social and cultural capacities is in sharp contrast with freedom and co-existence among nations, and that regime’s repression and terrorism will continue to extend until it’s overthrown. That’s the reason why Iran’s ruling mullahs were going to bring a huge humanitarian disaster upon the international community at a time when the Iranian people’s nationwide uprising against the regime keeps going on.

So, in line with Iranian people’s continued uprising and as the end of mullahs’ dominance gets closer, it won’t be unexpected to see the state terrorism of the wounded poisonous snake of an Iranian regime attempt even more terrorist acts. That’s why it’s necessary to double down the support and protection for Iranian people’s only true democratic alternative.

Source » ncr-iran

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