Iran hangs 65-year-old prisoner without giving him warning

A death row inmate in Dizelabad Prison of Kermanshah was executed on Wednesday, July 18, 2018, while he was given just a few hours notice before he is hanged, and relatives are not notified until the prisoner is already dead.

Identified as Saleh Khanizadeh, 65, who spend 10 years on death row, was found guilty of murder. His family could not visit him before his execution as the prisoner was not told of his execution until hours before he is led to the gallows.

A source from inside the prison said, “He contacted his family even one day before the execution, but he had no information about the date of his execution. He was sent to the gallows without prior warning.”

Prison authorities delivered the corpse to the family after they received US $ 27 for the rope used for the execution.

Another prisoner was hanged on July 22, at Shirvan Prison, in Northern Khorasan Province. The victim, Salman Khodayari was also found guilty of murder.

In yet another case, at least three prisoners were hanged on July 23, at Central Prison of Urmia, north west of the country. Convicted of murder the victims are identified as Farough Daryaei, Mahmoud Hamzehzadeh and Kamal Soltani. Farough Daryaei and Mahmoud Hamzehzadeh had currently been held at the youth ward.

Source » iran-hrm

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