Social media users in Tehran reported on Wednesday July 24 that security officers have prevented a commemoration session to pay tribute to Iran’s renowned modern poet Ahmad Shamlou.

Dozens of fans of the celebrated poet tried to gather around Shamlou’s tomb near Karaj, West of Tehran on the occasion of his 19th death anniversary.

The gathering was called for by the Iranian Writers Association.

In the meantime, in order to mark the occasion, Iran’s state TV aired a documentary on Shamlou’s life and work. Viewers among social media users have said that the documentary was meant to tarnish the poet’s image.

Nevertheless, the director of the documentary, Hossein Lamei, has claimed on Instagram that his film was much longer but was censored by the state TV.

Viewers critical of the hardline director, however, say it would not have made much of a difference even if the whole documentary was aired.

During recent years, security officers have always prevented gatherings around the poet’s tomb.

Shamlou was an advocate of freedom of speech and a critic of dictatorships, and his books are among the finest products of modern Iranian literature.

Source » radiofarda