Rome, 22 July – “Another political prisoner of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Mohammad Javad Vafa’i Thani, 27, one of the Iranian national boxing champions, was sentenced to death: Tehran is carrying out a real genocide of free people, of those who do not give in, of all those who know how to live with courage and dignity”. This was stated by the deputy of the Brothers of Italy Emanuele Pozzolo, member of the commission for foreign and community affairs.

“The accusation leveled against the young boy, believed to be a sympathizer of the only truly credible and organized group of Iranian dissidents, the MEK, is that of ‘corruption on Earth’: the fanaticism of the Islamic fundamentalism of the ayatollahs knows no bounds. We are faced with inhuman cruelty: the international community must no longer hesitate to condemn at all levels, without ifs, ands or buts, the anti-human policy of the Tehran regime”.
concludes Pozzolo.

Source » iranprobe