Insecurity and Pressure Against Iranian Women and Children

In its July-23 article, state-run ‘Mardom-Salari’ newspaper points to widespread suppression of women and critical conditions of innocent children under the Mullahs’ regime, saying “it’s been years that we’ve got used to hearing such news as acid attacks, murder, rape, harassments, knife fights, and other crimes, so much that we no longer get surprised, as if the coldness of such bitter news have penetrated so deep inside us and made us so numb that we don’t know how to react to such incidents, if we ever can.”

“Such events could lead to anxiety and fear among people”, the newspaper writes, adding “as the families with little kids have to be constantly worried about what is going to await their kids when they’re out, and fear so much that they won’t even dare to send their children to school.”

Pointing to viewpoints of regime Mullahs and officials in this regard, who seek to relate such incidents to women’s unchastity and their not wearing hijab, the newspaper then writes “there are those more catholic than the pope as well as ever-concerned opportunists who deliver the same old speeches following such incidents, relating them to women’s unchastity and not observing Islamic dress code and claiming that if women wear hijab and behave chastely, such incidents are not going to happen. But none of them say how an innocent seven-year-old kid could be unchaste or violate Islamic dress code. Why should young women and girls on every corner of the street be constantly worried about disturbing incidents and events that might threaten them? Why should they shiver once they hear a cyclist passing by, fearing there might be danger lurking on their way? Why should they walk the alleys in fear after dark, keep praying that there’s no one coming from behind with the intention to molest them?”

Acknowledging the suppression of women and girls and the pressures applied against them, the newspaper writes “it would be much better if we pay attention to women’s peace of mind and security as much as we care about their observing Islamic dress code, so they could securely go out without constantly worrying about being harassed by others.”

As acknowledged by the state-run newspaper, this bitter and disturbing phenomenon unpleasantly affecting women is unfortunately becoming more and more prevalent, so much so that it’s now turned into a normal kind of behavior and we would be surprised if we see otherwise.

Source » ncr-iran

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