Artist and student Sepideh Rashno is still held at an IRGC detention facility known as Ward A-1. On July 16, security forces arrested Rashno after a quarrel on a city bus with a woman who harassed and assaulted her for what she deemed as improper hejab. Such incidents are on the rise in public places as the government has tightened the hejab enforcement.

According to HRANA, the news agency of Human Rights Activists, Artist and student activist Sepideh Rashno is held at an IRGC detention facility awaiting further legal proceedings.

So far, she has been denied access to a lawyer and phone calls in prison.

The charges against Rashno are unknown so far.

Last week, a video circulated on social media showing a woman harassing another and blaming her for an improper hejab. After publishing the video, security forces arrested Rashno, who is an artist and a resident of Khorramabad.

The Iranian regime encourages citizens to get involved in the enforcement of the Islamic code in public as a religious duty, which demonstrates how significant compliance with these rules is for the government.

Source » en-hrana