Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Navy has claimed that its boats are now equipped with stealth technology capable of evading enemy radar.

Speaking on the sidelines of an IRGC ceremony, Rear Admiral Alireza Tangsiri said that the navy remains a “completely strategic force” with possession of crucial assets, such as upgraded vessels, fixed-wing aircraft, and unmanned systems.

He further stated that the service has always been in close cooperation with defense organizations for the production and integration of cutting-edge military systems and equipment.

Tangsiri explained that the hull material and shape of the service’s speed boats employ stealth technology construction techniques to ensure that they remain undetected by enemies.

He also emphasized that his force utilizes domestically-made equipment to make the armed forces self-reliant.

Iranian military officials have repeatedly expressed that the country will continue to strengthen its military capabilities to address evolving threats.

In May, the country claimed that the production of two indigenous destroyers, the Zagros and Damavand-2, has made significant progress.

All studies related to the manufacturing of the vessels have reportedly been completed, making them ready for full-scale production at an undisclosed date.

Iran has also said that it was able to produce and deploy a laser weapon capable of countering sophisticated aerial threats, including enemy drones.

The laser cannon is reportedly capable of shooting down aerial targets using powerful laser beams, mainly to protect Tehran’s “sensitive regions.”

Source » thedefensepost