Classified Iranian documents reveal plans for cyberattacks against civilian infrastructure

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Classified Iranian documents allegedly by Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) detail how cyber attacks could cause damage to civilian infrastructure in the West, according to a report published in Sky News Monday

The IRGC’s cyber unit Shahid Kavid are said to have written five different research papers, making up a total of 57 pages. Among the most worrying information included is an explanation on how cyber attacks could sink cargo ships and blow up gas stations.

Iran is “creating a target bank to be used whenever they see fit,” a security source familiar with the matter told Sky News.

The source said the reports were compiled by Shahid Kavid’s Intelligence Group 13, led by an individual named Hamid Reza Lashga.

Two of the reports were dated to April 19, 2020 and November 19, 2020, while the others were not dated.

One of the Iranian documents said water filtration systems on cargo ships, as well as ballast water systems, could be targeted remotely via satellite to sink the ships. Ballast water refers to water held inside a ship’s hull for stability.

Another one of the documents detailed how fueling pumps produced by Franklin Fueling Systems, a US company, could be hacked to cause an explosion.

A spokesperson for the company told Sky News it was doubtful if a third party could cause a fueling station to explode, citing ”redundant safety systems.”

Other reports explained how smart buildings might be targeted, outlined two forms of maritime satellite communications and detailed how electronic devices manufactured by German company WAGO worked.

Source » i24news

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