Gantz to BBC in Persian – Iran close to enrichment for nuclear weapon

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Defense Minister Benny Gantz said in a special interview to a BBC journalist originally from Iran on Tuesday that “Iran is close to nuclear weapons when it comes to enrichment, but not so close in other ways.”

“We know all about their diversions and attempts to fool countries around the world. We also expose this information. The Iranian nuclear project threatens world stability and regional stability, and is a challenge for the security of Israel.”

Gantz addressed Israel’s abilities saying “we have abilities and means that I cannot expand on, and we are ready to ensure that Iran does not have nuclear weapons.”

He also addressed the regime’s treatment of its people, saying that “the Iranian regime is spending billions of dollars on its nuclear project instead of providing food, electricity and better healthcare for its citizens.”

The BBC interview had a voice-over in Farsi so that Iranians could understand.

Gantz’s words came on the heels of growing protests in Iran over irregular water and electricity supplies in parts of the country.

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