The Greek Supreme Court ruled on Tuesday in favor of Iran in the case of the detention of Iranian oil in Greece, the Iranian embassy in the Mediterranean country said.

“Soon, the stolen Iranian oil will be transported to the Lana container ship,” the Iranian embassy said. “The sea bandits failed once again.”

The Director-General of Iran’s Port and Maritime Organization (PMO), Ali-Akbar Safaei, revealed in late June that the Iranian ship captured by Greek authorities was released.

The Greek port police announced in June that the tanker carrying Iranian oil, which was seized in mid-April from Greek authorities at the demand of the United States, will be resuming its navigation.

The US ordered seizing the oil on an Iranian-flagged tanker near Greece, with the cargo set to be sent to the US through another ship, three informed sources indicated. The move was considered by Tehran as one of maritime piracy.

According to Reuters, it was unclear whether the oil was seized for carrying Iranian oil or due to anti-Russian sanctions, but one fact cannot go unnoticed: the US is willing to do anything to quench its thirst for oil.

Iran’s Foreign Ministry summoned the head of Greece’s diplomatic mission for seizing cargo from a vessel flying the Iranian flag in Greek waters.

The head of the Mediterranean and East European affairs at Iran’s Foreign Ministry stated that Greece’s “unacceptable” surrender to “illegal” US pressures was “an example of international piracy.”

The official also stated that Iran “will not relinquish its legal rights and expects the Greek government to honor its international commitments in the maritime and shipping sectors.”

Source » almayadeen