Exasperated by increasing poverty and the arrest of activists, Iranians held more than 14 protest gatherings demanding to be heard by a regime that is responsible for the country’s dire economic conditions.

Defrauded creditors gather outside Presidential Office demanding their stolen savings

A group of defrauded creditors gathered today outside the office of Iran’s President to demand their stolen savings. The creditors have lost their money to the Revolutionary Guards affiliated Caspian Credit Institution.

Families of students killed in tragic Tehran university bus crash demand justice

The families of students killed and injured in a crash in the Science Department of the Tehran Azad University gathered today outside a court in Tehran to demand justice for their loved ones. They demanded that regime officials responsible for the crash be brought to justice.

Tehran land buyers protest in Hashtgerd

Members of Housing Cooperatives, mostly electric workers in Tehran, who had bought land in Savojbolagh County, northeast of Tehran gathered outside the Savojbolagh Governorate today. They told the state-run ILNA News Agency that they had still not received the land they bought 27 years ago due to existing building regulations for the formation of new towns.

Railroad workers gather in southern Iran demanding unpaid wages

A group of railway workers in the southern city of Bandar Abbas went on strike today. The workers gathered on the railway for the second day to protest months of unpaid wages.

Railroad workers gather in western Iran to demand unpaid wages

A group of railroad workers in Nourabad in the western province of Markazi gathered today on the railroad to demand their delayed paychecks.

Municipality workers hold demo in Khuzestan demanding 12 months of delayed paychecks

A group of municipality workers in Lali, southwestern province of Khuzestan marched on the streets today in protest to 12 months of unpaid wages. They were heading towards the office of the town’s head of Friday prayers before they were dispersed by security forces.

Car owners demand release of cars from Arvand Free Zone customs in southern Iran

More than 60 car owners gathered on Monday outside the Khorramshahr Port and Maritime Administration demanding the clearance of the 227 automobiles which have been kept by the Arvand Free Zone customs for more than a year.

Car owners say that the automobiles have been damaged because they have been left under the sun in poor weather conditions. The protesters prevented import and export trucks from entering and exiting the port and closed the main gates of the Maritime Administration.

Villagers demand release of protesters in central Iran

According to a state-run website, a group of villagers in Nasr Abad in the central province of Yazd gathered in protest to the arrest of villages protesting land theft by regime elites.

Asnaf News said the villagers held a placard which read, “We know, we understand, but we have kept silent. Either prevent land theft and release the prisoners or arrest the remaining people and pave the way for land theft.”

Workers and civil rights activists demand release of Labor Day protesters in west Iran

A group of workers and civil rights activists in the western city of Sanandaj gathered on Monday to demand the release of detained workers and activists who were arrested during demonstrations on the 1st of May in the city.

Shop owners protest new customs laws in southern island

A group of shop owners in Kish Island closed shop on Monday in protest to new customs laws. The protesters gathered outside the Kish Free Zone Organization demanding the resignation of the head of the organization and revocation of the new laws.

Retired teachers protest delayed pensions in Tehran

On Sunday, a large number of retired teachers gathered for the second consecutive day outside the Budget and Planning Organization in Tehran. They were protesting their unpaid pensions.

They said that they were suffering from severe economic problems due to the delay in their pensions.

Reports indicate that security forces attacked teachers during the demonstration.

Railroad workers protest delayed paychecks in southeast Iran

A group of railroad workers in the southeastern city of Rafsanjan gathered on July 28 to demand their delayed paychecks. They said they had not received their wages in the past 2 to 3 months.

The workers said that their problems started after the railroad company was privatized.

Sugar cube factory workers demand 3 months of delayed paychecks in southern Iran

According to the state-run IRNA News Agency, a group of workers in the Fasa sugar cube factory gathered outside the city’s Governorate to demand their three months of unpaid wages.

The Fasa Governor said on Sunday that the company managers had promised to pay the delayed wages by Tuesday.

Animal rights activist detained in Tehran after protest

A group of animal rights activists gathered outside the Tehran Governorate on Monday in protest to the brutal abuse and killing of dogs in the Akhtar Abad region. The gathering turned violent after security forces interfered to detain a number of activists. They were released a few hours later after promising not to participate in future protests.

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