Singapore releases two detained ships carrying Iranian LPG


Kunlun Shipping Company

Kunlun Shipping Company

Kunlun Holding Company

Kunlun Holding Company

Two ships carrying Iranian LPG or liquid natural gas detained earlier by Singapore have been released, Lloyd’s List Intelligence reported July 31.

The vessels, Sea Dragon and Gas Infinity are large LPG tankers owned by a Hong Kong company, Kunlun Shipping, with possible links with Kunlun Holdings, a Chinese concern. They were detained last week while carrying Iranian gas sanctioned by the United States.

It was reported that Sea Dragon was released earlier and now Lloyd’s reports Gas Infinity has also been freed. A shipping monitor, Kpler reported July 30 that the vessel was heading back to the Persian Gulf. It is not clear if the second ship is also returning or will continue to its Asian destination.

Radio Farda had reported that industry watchers believe the reason for Singapore to have detained the ships might be carrying sanctioned cargo.

Lloyd’s however says that the reason is “a non-payment of mortgage claims”. It also says the cargo was destined for China.

Radio Farda cannot independently confirm what the actual reason for Singapore’s action was.

Source » radiofarda

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