A political scientist at Kuwait University says the terrorist activities of the Iranian regime are a serious threat to Kuwait, a threat to overthrow.

Dr Abdullah Chaychi, professor of political science at the University of Kuwait on July 29, 2017 told Sky News:

It is not surprising that the Kuwaiti court ruled as the state had been involved with a terrorist cell since a year and a half ago. This cell has been trained since twenty months ago, has gained arms in a number of consecutive terms and has tried to overthrow the regime. A month ago, when the appeal court was held, these people were given different sentences.

The Iranian regime has many levers in the region to sabotage through them. Not only with military force, but also by supporting its agents, it tries to sabotage. As always, it says it is proud to take control of the Arab capitals. But what’s dangerous is the terrorist cells planted in the Gulf states.

Therefore, it is not surprising that in any report issued by the US State Department, it is said that the Iranian regime is the leading state sponsor of terrorism in the world. The embassies of the Iranian regime and the embassies of the Iranian regime in different countries have the same role and we should be alert against them.

Source » ncr-iran