Experts say that Iran is currently experiencing the most extreme and intense drought of the past four decades.

It is believed that at least 40 percent of drinking water in urban areas is being compromised because of failing pipelines that have not had required maintenance and because of the dilapidated systems and networks of waterways.

Furthermore, it has been estimated that almost a third of agricultural water is being lost because of the abandoned and ancient irrigation methods that are in place.

The regime and various state agencies are to blame for these very serious shortcomings. Around a third of Iran’s total water consumption – approximately 40 billion cubic metres – is being wasted every year.

To make the situation even worse, the climate is wreaking havoc, aggravating the crisis even more.

The Iranian regime officials are blaming each other or making excuses. Not that this should surprise us. The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) is speaking of a conspiracy by enemies of Iran that are causing the country to dry up. The Iranian regime’s President Hassan Rouhani said that the dam building policies in Afghanistan and Turkey are to blame.

There are more than 650 dams currently being used in the country and experts are saying that they have caused drought to many areas.

In the north-western area of Iran, dozens of dams have caused huge lakes to shrink. In 2016, some lakes had shrunk by more than 85 per cent.

The Karun River is Iran’s longest river. It is an essential source of water to the region of Ahwaz but it has been majorly impacted by the almost one hundred dams in the area.

The government is directing water away from some areas, including some very populated areas. Not only is this having a major impact on drinking water supplies, but the impact on agriculture is also severe. Many are losing their livelihoods because of this.

The water crisis in Iran is quite simply a consequence of the rule of the clerical regime. Environmentalists have been warning about the declining situation for many years. The people of Iran have described the local officials that are responsible for the crisis “local mafia” and it is hard to think of a more warranted term for the criminals that are destroying the environment and the lives of many. They say that Iran is being stripped of its resources and it will soon be nothing but a dry desert.

Source » NCR-Iran