US Peace Envoy Jason Greenblatt and US Special Representative for Iran Brian Hook called on Arab countries to get onboard and help Israel and Palestine come to a peaceful agreement, adding that peace between the two would pose a major threat to Iran.

In an op-ed published on Wednesday by Fox News, Greenblatt and Hook rebuked Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khameni’s criticism concerning the “Deal of the Century,” in which the latter claimed that the only way to combat it was to provide Palestinians with more weapons to “give them a feeling of progress.”
“This is yet another example of Iran’s warped vision for the Palestinian people – one that offers nothing but increased violence, devastation and despair,” said Greenblatt and Hook.

They quoted Khalid al Khalifa, the Bahrain foreign minister, who said, “If it wasn’t for Iran being present – Iranian soldiers, money, support for Hamas & jihadis that take control of Gaza – we’d have been much closer to achieving a better peace between Palestinians & Israelis.”

“The continuation of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict benefits the Iranian regime’s expansionist ambitions. Terrorism and malevolent voyeurism are Iran’s foreign policy – dangerous follies that require the region’s full attention,” Hook and Greenblatt explained.

The opinion piece came a month after the first part of the Trump administration’s peace plan was unveiled in Bahrain and before the peace plan’s full publication.

The two believe that once the conflict is resolved the entire region will benefit.

“The world should be united against Iran’s illicit business and terror activities…,” they said, adding that “A successful comprehensive peace agreement between Israel and the Palestinians is among the important tools we have to help bring regional stability and prevent Iranian terror.”

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