Tehran moves Swedish-Iranian scientist to solitary confinement

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A Swedish-Iranian medical doctor and researcher who has been in jail in Iran since 2916 on charges of “espionage” with a death sentence, has been moved to an unidentified place, the inmate’s wife told Radio Farda on Thursday August 1.

Ahmad Reza Jalali (Djalali) was arrested by Iranian intelligence while visiting Iran to attend a scientific conference at the invitation of the University of Tehran in May 2016.

Vida Mehran Nia, Jalali’s wife , told Radio Farda that moving Jalali to solitary confinement in an unidentified place came as a surprise to the inmate and his family.

Jalali called his wife in Sweden on Tuesday, and told her that he has been moved to a cell which is monitored by CCTV.

Human rights watchdogs all over the world have protested Jalaii’s death sentence which has been confirmed by the Iranian Supreme Court.

In 2017, Jalali told his family that he was sentenced to death after he refused to cooperate with Iran’s Intelligence organization and spy on Iranian scientists abroad.

Jalali is suffering from serious health problems and Amnesty International has urged Tehran’s Prosecutor General to allow him to receive specialized medical care.

Jalali is one of several Iranians from abroad who were jailed during visits to Iran.

Source » radiofarda

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