The mothers of the November 2019 slain protesters took to the streets in Tehran yesterday, to seek justice for their slain children, and to show support for the Khuzestan water protests.

They gathered in Tehran’s Azadi Square, chanting “From Tehran to Khuzestan, unite, unite!”, “From Aban (November 2019) to Khuzestan, unite, unite!”, “We are done with slavery, we should rise!”, “We want our rights! In solidarity until the (regime’s) overthrow!”, among other slogans.

They held placards with the pictures of the slain protesters and marched in the streets. They were attacked by security forces who beat them and detained them.

The mothers of Milad Mohagheghi, Ebrahim Ketabdar, Pejman Gholipour, Farhad Mojdam, and Vahid Damvar, as well as Sajjad Rezaii’s aunt, and the sister of Hamid Rassouli were among the detained.

Milad’s mother expressed her support for the protesters in Khuzestan.

“I am the mother of Milad Mohagheghi, slain in November 2019. I want to show my support and the support of other mothers of slain victims for the people of Khuzestan. I want them to know they are not alone. We share the same pain,” she said in a message.

“They killed my son with 5 bullets in Nov. 2019! I will demand justice and I’m not afraid of anything! Don’t wait for your mothers to hold your pictures in their hands! Stand up! Enough with the slavery!” Pejman Gholipour said before her arrest.

Some of the detained family members were released today, and there are reports that the others are to be released by tonight.

In November 2019, Iranians took to the streets when gasoline prices tripled overnight. The Iranian regime shot and killed at least 1,500 men, women, and children in the span of three to four days, amid an internet blackout.

In a report on December 2019, Reuters said Iranian interior ministry officials stated that 1500 protesters were killed during the three to four days of protests across the country. According to the report, Khamenei gathered his top security and government officials together and issued an order: Do whatever it takes to stop them.

The family members of the slain protesters have become the driving force in many protests. In the June 18 presidential elections, they were the main force behind Iran’s election boycott. They say they will never forgive or forget the murder of their loved ones by the regime.

On July 16, Manouchehr Bakhtiyari, father of slain protester Pouya Bakhtiyari, was sentenced to three years and six months of prison for seeking justice. The Iranian regime fears the grieving family members of slain protesters because they have nothing to lose.

Source » irannewswire