Girls riding bike around a lake in the city of Marivan (west of Iran) are faced with a ban by plainclothes forces.

According to reports, plainclothes forces of Marivan Intelligence are constantly patrolling around the lake Zaribar and its entrances.

Plainclothes forces do this in order to prevent women and girls from biking around the Zaribar lake.

According to reports on July 29, plainclothes forces seized several girls’ bicycles and got a written commitment that they should no longer enter the Zaribar area by bicycles.

“Bike riding by girls are prohibited in public,” the Iranian regime’s police force told them to stop bikers.

Police officers seized their bikes after preventing girls from bicycling. Over the past year, law enforcement officers have prevented bicycling women and girls in public places in Marivan several times. The Friday prayer Imam of the regime in the city had said on July 28, 2016: “Riding bicycles in public for women is a sin, and officials and sports and youth departments must provide adequate indoor space for women.” Thereafter, a place called “Lady’s Park” was dedicated to biker girls in Marivan, where women’s rights activists not only did not see this place as a special right for women, but saw it as plans to marginalize and humiliate women. It keeps women away from their basic and human rights.

Source » ncr-iran