The Iranian authorities announced on Saturday, that the “Zafar 2” satellite is now being prepared and will be completed within months.

President of the Iranian University of Science and Industry Jabbar Ali Zekhri said in a statement to the Fars News Agency that the “Zafar 2 satellite is now being prepared by 93 Iranian scientists and it is expected that we will need several months to complete the project”.

He added that “the date of delivery of the satellite Zafar 2 to the space organization is not specified yet because the decision in this regard is in the hands of the organization, knowing that work is underway to complete this national project day and night.”

Zakhri said that “a large number of university students in the higher levels of education are working indirectly alongside Iranian scientists in making the satellite” Zafar 2 “.

The head of the Iranian Space Organization, Mortada Barari, recently announced that his country is about to manufacture a sensing satellite with an accuracy of one meter, to put it in an orbit around the Earth at a distance of 500-600km.

Earlier this year, Iran sent their Noor satellite into orbit, prompting the U.S. and its allies to criticize the Islamic Republic and accuse them of producing deadly rockets.

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