The Iranian Minister of Defense, Brigadier Amir Hatami, stressed that “the Iranian armed forces are more than ever ready to defend the country.”

The Spokesman of the Shura Council’s Industries and Mines Committee, Hajjatullah Firouzi, said in a statement with ISNA, that during the committee’s meeting, Brigadier Hatami explained the position of the defense force of the Islamic Republic, and said that “despite unfair sanctions in the area of ​​strengthening defense capabilities, we have made remarkable progress and the Ministry of Defense has been able to meet the real needs of the armed forces in the areas of ground, air, sea, defense and missile combat.”

He added that, according to Brigadier Amir Hatami, “developing missile power and preparing and building the most advanced air defense systems and self-sufficiency in air, sea and land combat accomplishments and electronic warfare systems are among the priorities of the Ministry of Defense,” stressing that the armed forces are ready more than ever before to defend the country’s borders against its enemies.

The Tasnim Agency reported that “Iranian forces trained to carry out a strike on an American aircraft carrier during the exercises in the Gulf region and the western part of the Strait of Hormuz, using a replica of the American Nimitz warship.”

The agency released the moment the missile was launched from a military helicopter and announced that the Iranian army had also trained in measures to seize the ship using boats and helicopters.

Source » almasdarnews