The accumulation of problems in Iran’s society has strengthened the protest spirit in the people. They are angry with the current situation and each time they want to return to a normal life, a new crisis created by their rulers is imposed on their lives.

Observe the sequence and form of crises in the last year and then see which nation in the world must withstand so many crises without any protest. The government’s officials instead to find out a solution for all these crises are increasing the protest spirit of the people because the problems are the solution for the government to control and people.

Making wrong decisions and vice versa the people priorities, for the regime’s official it is enough to just walk around the city for a day and talk to people in shopping malls, fruit and vegetable markets, subways, buses, vaccine queues, and deprived provinces, then they will realize the main priorities of Iranian society and instead of making decisions that conflict with people’s lives.

But their interests are groups like Hezbollah and other proxy groups and nuclear and regional terror activities. Therefore, for the regime’s officials, it is necessary to answer which crisis the people must cope with and join them in cooperation and empathy and not protest?

Inability to prevent the creation of new coronavirus waves. High costs and rampant inflation. Rising housing prices. Lack of medicine in the capital. Lack of hospital equipment in border cities. Dehydration in a province with several large rivers. Lack of electricity in the summer heat. Or this last decision to block the means of mass communication on the internet and restrict freedom of expression.

The latest plan has angered people the most, as from a 7-year-old child to a 90-year-old man, their lives and leisure time are tied to cyberspace. The question for all people is that if your plan is defensible and has no objections, why do you consider us unreliable and examine it in a closed session? But there is no wonder because all critical decisions which are tied with the continuation of this regime are handled behind closed doors.

Worse, are the people asking, why did they refer the bill to a special commission to oust most of them from any responsibility if there is nothing bad in this decision and will not destroy the people’s lives and restrict their freedom of speech? Why not explain to people that in these economic and social conditions, the plan to limit cyberspace has become their priority, if there is nothing to hide?

Isn’t it true that the lives of many Iranians today are tied to Internet businesses, and that they make a living in this way? Iran society has become an erupting society and any wrong speech or decision by the regime will raise the people’s protests which in this situation is a security issue for the regime, because Iran’s society has become a crisis-stricken society and cannot withstand a new crisis. Finally, the regime is forced to face the people soon, which will be a landmark of Iran and the people’s fate.

Source » iranfocus