On August 2, 2022, prison guards assaulted Sunni prisoner Arkan Palani Jaf when he returned from hospital to prison.

According to HRANA, the news agency of Human Rights Activists, prison guards of Rajai Shahr Prison beat Sunni prisoner Arkan Palani Jaf.

An informed source told HRANA, “Palani Jaf suffers from Kidney, intestinal and stomach problems caused by a hunger strike. As a backlash to Palani Jaf’s complaint against the guards’ behavior, 10 prison guards beat him brutally.”

On June 10, 2022, Palani Jaf went on hunger strike by sewing his lips in protest against the rejection of his request for early release, medical furlough and inadequate medical care in prison. He was relocated to solitary confinement and beaten by prison guards. On June 30, Palani Jaf ended his hunger strike after the prison officials agreed to grant medical furlough.

Palani Jaf was arrested in 2016 and sentenced by the Revolutionary Court to 7 years on the charge of “collaboration with ISIS”. According to an informed source, the security agents wanted to arrest his brother and when they failed, arrested him instead despite having no evidence of his association with ISIS.

Source » en-hrana