A recently revived Iranian naval destroyer will be fitted with a vertical launch missile system, an Iranian commander stated, as reported by the Tasnim News Agency.

According to the commander of the Iranian Navy Rear Admiral Hossein Khanzad, the domestically-made Damavand destroyer, which crashed in January, will be returning to service soon and will possess a vertical missile system.

“The destroyer has been fully revived and this has been done in 18 months,” the commander said on the sidelines of the opening ceremony of the Depth competition of the 2019 International Army Games on Kish Island in southern Iran on Monday

He went on to say that the destroyer has been equipped with advanced radar systems that allow it to reach distant targets.

“The destroyer has been equipped with new weapons and we are seeking to equip the Damavand destroyer with vertical launch missiles,” Rear Admiral Khanzadi noted.

The Damavand destroyer crashed into a jetty on January 10, 2018, killing two sailors of the Iranian Navy. The accident occurred when Damavand was docking at port in Iran’s northern province of Gilan.

Source » almasdarnews