Hamas, the Palestinian resistance group, on Friday praised Lebanon’s Hezbollah for rocket attacks on Israeli sites.

“We congratulate and fully support the response made by the Islamic Resistance in Lebanon this morning, and its bombing of sites belonging to the Zionist enemy in response to the crimes of the occupation and its targeting of Lebanese territories,” Hamas said in a statement.

“Resisting the occupation and responding to its crimes and violations is a right guaranteed to the occupied and abused peoples,” the group said.

Earlier in the day, Hezbollah claimed responsibility for firing a barrage of rockets in northern Israel.

“Open lands in the vicinity of Israeli occupation sites in the Shebaa Farms were targeted with dozens of 122 mm rockets,” the group said in a statement.

Hezbollah said the bombing was “in response to Israeli airstrikes on open lands in the al-Jarmaq and al-Shawakir areas on Thursday night.”

Israeli forces retaliated by firing artillery munitions at the Kafr Shuba and Habariya areas in southern Lebanon.

Source » yenisafak