According to reports, interrogators of the Iranian regime’s ministry of intelligence are trying to create religious conflicts and clash among prisoners in Zahedan prison (South East of Iran) using their own mafia bands there.

Reports indicate that on Monday, August 9, 2017, a number of mafia bandits in Ward 3 of Zahedan prison tried to clash with political prisoners but the prisoners particularly the Sunni clerics who are incarcerated in Ward 3 showed patience and refrained from conflict or clash with the mafia bands to resolve the problem and the issue ended.

However, after a while, a prison guard officer with another agent from the prison inspection office entered Ward 3 and took one of the political prisoners out of the ward. But a few yards away from the ward, a number of prison mafia bands exited the ward at the same time and tried to attack and beat the political prisoner upon the order of the two prison officers.

According to the reports, other political prisoners staged mass protests against the action of the prison officers and mafia bands.

Also, one of the prison authorities has ordered the Mafia Bands of Ward 3 to insult the religious beliefs of political prisoners and Sunni clerics in this ward, in order to prepare the ground for a religious conflict, and ultimately engage in massive repression of the political prisoners.

Source » ncr-iran