Bahrain urged Iran in a statement on Thursday “to stop issuing threats and committing any acts that may cause tensions” in the Arabian Gulf and the region.

The statement by Bahrain’s Foreign Affairs Ministry was issued in response to the statements of Abbas Mousavi, the Iranian foreign affairs ministry spokesperson.

Mousavi last week condemned Bahrain’s hosting of an international military gathering that discussed the current situation in the region.

Earlier on Thursday, he demanded Bahrain to halt what he described as “hostile measures against Tehran and to seek a constructive approach instead of inciting against Iran”.

In his statement to the Iranian News Agency (IRNA), Mousavi said that holding such provocative and suspicious meeting would disturb stability of the region and would set the ground for military intervention of extra-regional forces such as Israel in the region.

In response, Bahrain stressed that the Iranian statements intend “to impede all efforts and initiatives aimed at ensuring security, stability and free maritime in the Arabian Gulf and the entire region”.

“Hosting such meeting demonstrates Bahrain’s endeavors and consistent policy built on effective participation to provide security and safety for the region,” added Bahrain’s statement.

Last week, Bahrain hosted an international military gathering with participation of countries including the U.S. and France to discuss the security situation in the Gulf region and the security of the maritime navigation in the Straight of Hormuz.

The U.S. administration along with the Arab Gulf countries, especially Saudi Arabia, accuse Iran of targeting tankers and oil installations and threatening the safety of the maritime navigation. Iran strongly denies such claims and offered this May to sign a non-aggression agreement with Arab Gulf states.

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