Just one year after the formation of the Iranian regime supreme leader Ali Khamenei’s desired ‘Young Hezbollahi’ government and the ‘Revolutionary Parliament’, it seems that his government is already facing a humiliating defeat.

Over the past year, Khamenei, and his handpicked protégé President Ebrahim Raisi have been facing criticism from those who were supposed to support them and follow their policies, people who Khamenei proudly called the ‘Revolutionaries’.

Khamenei previously stated, “Some people did not like this interpretation, but it was true because the people elected representatives for this parliament whose slogans and orientations were revolutionary.”

With this inefficient parliament facing a critical situation in society, they are admitting that they are bombarded by the fury of the Iranian people, which has greatly reflected the country’s explosive situation.

On August 2, while quoting Mojtaba Zolnouri, the state-run Entekhab daily wrote, “If you listen to the speech of each honorable representative, except for a small number, they are not satisfied with their presence in the parliament. They do not see the role of the parliament in solving the deep problems of society. Every day in their constituency, they face the criticism and aggression of the people, and they do not see any effect in solving their problems in their work.”

Zolnouri also mocked Raisi, adding, “Today, the movement of the government is like the movement of a person running on a treadmill.” And warned him that “opportunities pass like clouds.”

This current situation is reminiscent of the situation of the Shah’s parliament before its fall in the 1970s. These warnings should not be considered as a sense of benevolence for the Iranian people. Instead, they are a warning to the regime about their certain demise.

It is becoming ever clearer that the selection of Raisi to take on the presidential role for the regime and become the candidate to succeed Khamenei, which Khamenei described as the first and most important piece of cake in the regime’s sham election last year, has backfired.

Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, the President-elect of the National Council Resistance of Iran (NCRI), gave a speech entitled ‘Iran on the brink of change and of the clerical regime’s overthrow’, during which she said, “For two years, Khamenei talked about ‘a young Hezbollahi government’, which he considered to be the solution to the regime’s internal and external crises, but Khamenei’s desired government was dead on arrival. It not only failed to be the solution but exacerbated the problems, seriously aggravating the regime’s problems and crises. It, in fact, inspired the uprisings, with the chant of “Death to Raisi” becoming the rallying cry of the protest movement.”

The slogans of the ‘Young Hezbollahi’ government have failed. Raisi claimed that he could create economic growth, but it seems that he equated economic growth with the growth of executions. Economic experts have shown that the realization of 8 percent growth requires billions of dollars of investment, which the regime does not have.

At the same time, the statistical center of the regime stated that the formal new investments do not cover even the depreciation and exhaustion of the means of production.

Due to the critical economic situation, regime experts are terrified and worried about higher inflation in the future. None of them dare to speak about investment and economic growth.

On July 28, the state-run Tejarat-e Farda daily wrote, “The inflation rate experienced a record of very rare high levels in June. If an active monetary policy is not taken by the central bank, there is a high possibility that inflation will record higher rates in the coming months. If our economic system had an active monetary policy, inflation would basically not reach such high levels.”

In a blow to the regime, and practically admitting the regime’s failings, Mohammad Bagher Qalibaf, the Speaker of the regime’s Parliament, recently stated that “We have to accept that we do not have an acceptable record in the economic field, and we are ashamed of the people.”

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