France adheres to its commitments to Iran

French junior Minister for Transport, Marine Affairs and Fisheries Alain Vidalies has emphasized that his country honors all its commitments to Iran.
“We would definitely fulfill our commitments to Iran especially in view of the war atmosphere which has been created in the ties between the two countries,” Alain Vidalies told the reporters in a press conference in Tehran on Monday morning following a meeting with Abbas Akhundi, Iran’s Minister of Roads and Urban Development.
The French official noted “certain international regulations exist which need to be implemented while the post-JCPOA agreements indicate Iran’s eagerness to play its role in the international arena; therefore, we are working out the existing problems and American firms have also travelled to Iran.”
Touching upon the friendly bilateral talks held between the two sides, Vidalies asserted “we have demanded French companies to introduce their proposals for Iran though the plans have reached conclusions as cooperation between the two ministries has been established.”
The French transport minister pointed to the recent MoU signed in Paris in January at the presence of his Iranian counterpart; “we are pleased that several projects have made advancements as currently MoUs exist on various issues like holding aviation training workshops between Iran and France as well as meteorology.”
“We hold plans for launching smart means of transport in major cities and we appreciate significant presence of French companies in Iran,” he continued.
The official expressed hope that French firms will pursue infrastructure projects in Iran in the coming years asserting “reconstruction of Iranian airports marks one major project while the rest will be announced by the firms.”
He went on to point to banking problems adding “what matters is the determination of Iranian officials and the French side who are seeking to alleviate all barriers.”
Alain Vidalies said “prolonged negotiations have been conducted between Iran Air and Airbus though the preliminary agreements have been reached which will become finalized in the next few weeks.”
The French minister of transport highlighted that “more than 10 per cent of Airbus equipment are American which necessitates the US permit for the sale of these pieces to Iran.”

Source: / Mehr News /

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