Next Twitter manipulation by Iran to start next week is already warming up. Directions and instructions area below.



•// Friends, take note,
When your account is affected
Either it will be suspended or Twitter will not send you a code due to restrictions. It is necessary
Through the email registered on your account
Have you contacted Twitter?

•// So if you email on your Twitter account
You have not registered, act as soon as possible
Register email in your account.

International Twitter storm on Ashura day

Imam Khomeini: Keep Karbala alive, and keep alive the blessed name of Hazrat Seyyed al-Shohada, because Islam is kept alive by his being alive.

Time: Saturday, August 15
From 20:00 Sunday, August 16 All day
Monday, August 17 All day

From now on, prepare your tweets in different languages with this hashtag:

Pay attention to the way of writing hashtags:
Without spaces and back to back and the first letters of the words are capitalized


#Peace be upon you, Abdallah Al-Hussein

• Dear peers, please pay attention to the following recommendations in order to participate in the Tasua and Ashura Hosseini Twitter storm.

• Note that for the success of the operation, the timing of the start of the Twitter storm will have a great impact on the success of the operation, so be sure to start sending your content at 20:00.

• Since it is not possible for you to go online at this time for some reason, be sure to use Twitter’s #Timed_Tweet function so that the set tweet will be sent at “20:00” in your absence.

#Important technical tips for operations

1 Please tweet and retweet with an interval of 3 to 5 minutes so that you don’t get restricted by Twitter.

2 Try not to mention as much as possible and avoid using repeated mentions because Twitter is extremely sensitive to repeated mentions.

3 If you tweet with multiple accounts, do not retweet your tweets because Twitter is very sensitive about this issue and this overlaps and increases the possibility of your Twitter account being suspended.

4 If you use content from public channels in writing your tweets, be sure to make changes in the text of the tweet, such as changing the location of commas, periods, etc., because the use of repetitive content will greatly increase the sensitivity of Twitter on your account.

5 If Twitter takes a bot test from you during the operation, stop your activity for 30 minutes, after that time you can continue your activity.

Note that it is very important to respect the time interval of 3 to 5 minutes between each tweet or retweet.

6 If during the operation, Twitter does not allow you to tweet or retweet, do not worry at all, after an hour, Twitter will allow your account to operate again.

7 Pay attention to your content!
Do not tweet directly against a particular race or religion, because in this case there is a possibility of being reported and losing your account.

It is recommended to translate the tweets into English once before sending and make sure that the translation is not sensitive.

Safety recommendations to avoid being suspended or limited in a storm

1_ You should not at all
With one account, support the contents of your second or more account (retweet, favorite, mention, quote).
(overlapping violation)

2_ You should not at all
Support a tweet related to another account with your “two or more accounts” or participate in a poll belonging to another account with multiple accounts.
(overlapping violation)

3_ You should not at all
Tweet or specially mention the “same” text or photo with your multiple accounts.
(overlapping violation)

Note that if you have retweeted a tweet on the timeline with one account, avoid retweeting it with other accounts.

4_ You should not at all
Use repeated content next to hashtags, when participating in a Twitter storm or trending a hashtag, be sure to use text or content next to a hashtag that is different from the text and content of your previous tweets.

5_ You should not at all
Tweet the hashtag without any text or content. Be sure to use text next to a hashtag.

You can use a word or letter or put one or more dots or symbols to make the hashtag not stand alone.

6_ You should not at all
Use repeated hashtags in a tweet
Avoid repeating a hashtag in a tweet

7_ You should not at all
Use threatening content in your tweets such as cursing, death wishes, wish to hurt someone

8_ You should not at all
Send photos or sensitive content such as images of shooting and war and human injury without activating the tick box

If your tweet content contains sensitive photos or videos, before sending it, enable the sensitive content tick in your Twitter settings to avoid being restricted by Twitter.

In Twitter storms, avoid sending mentions as much as possible or leave mentions with long intervals and focus your account capacity on tweets or retweets.

Avoid “copy-pasting” the content when writing “Mention” and always type the desired text.

Avoid mentioning the “same text” for “several people”.

And finally, please note that if the robot test is activated on your account, after answering the robot’s questions and returning to the Twitter environment, avoid activity for 30 minutes so that the sensitivity of Twitter disappears from your account

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