Dr. Thamar Eilam Gindin, and expert on ancient Persia and modern Iran, spoke today (Tuesday) with Anat Davidov on Radio 103FM and referred to the sanctions imposed by US President Donald Trump on Iran yesterday.

“I found a heartbreaking site, in which there are dozens of people with phone numbers offering to sell their kidney,” said Dr. Elam Gindin.

Iran’s economy was teetering even before the sanctions were re-imposed. Last week, the Iranian rial plunged to a record low of less than 1,000 to the American dollar.

“What is going to happen today are restrictions on foreign currency trading. It is forbidden to sell dollars into Iran, and there is also a problem of transferring money out of the country,” said Dr. Eilam Gindin, an expert on Iran at the Shalem Academic Center. “It is forbidden to bring metals into the country, and therefore the price of gold has soared accordingly, as have spare parts for vehicles.”

“I’ve seen a video of a man kicking his TV when Rouhani is giving a speech. People now have no money. They’re using up their savings, I’ve found a heartbreaking site that has dozens of people with phone numbers selling their kidneys. The rate of suicides has increased because of the economic situation. The gap between the rich and the poor continued to grow, “she said.

When asked where this could deteriorate and whether the social protest in the country will succeed in bringing about a change in thinking, Gindin said: “Sometime they will surprise us. We are accustomed to the repetitive pattern of the protest of the oppressed, but they will surprise us. Friends told me years ago that the price of freedom in Iran would be higher than in Syria. Maybe when they have nothing to lose it will work

“Rouhani constantly threatens the United States not to play with the lion’s tail because it would endanger it, but that’s exactly what he’s doing now. He does not seem to understand that he is not in a position of power. On the one hand, he is chosen by the people and there are expectations from him, and on the other hand he has a boss over his head. He is trapped in his own troubles, and I am not envious of the position he is in.”

Source » israelnationalnews