The families of political prisoners and prisoners of conscience in Gohardasht prison in Karaj express their concerns about forced transfer of these prisoners to a super-security ward.

According to reports, political prisoners were recently forcefully transferred from Ward 12 to the super-security Hall 10, Ward 4, of Gohardasht prison after beating and mayhem.

A political prisoner’s wife, while expressing concern, writes a note at the Instagram: “My Husband (Hamid Babaii), and 52 other prisoners, are locked up in a large hall. We have no news about his fate and the fate of his cellmates for more than two weeks. According to reports from other wards, my husband and four other detainees have been admitted to the prison infirmary. All 53 people are on hunger strike. We also do not know the accuracy of the news. In any case, lack of news leads us to worry. All families are worried and get the news from each other.”

Meanwhile, a group of women prisoners at Evin Prison have also expressed concern about the forced transfer of political prisoners in Gohardasht Prison, the statement issued by these women, stated:

“We were informed that political prisoners and prisoners of conscience in Rajaei Shahr (Gohardasht) prison were suddenly and forcefully transferred to another ward in this prison. This is while they were not allowed to take their personal belongings and even their medication with them. Unfortunately, during the past 7 days, all communications of the prisoners have been disconnected, even the families of these prisoners who are currently incarcerated in the women’s ward of Evin prison have not been able to call prison to prison to obtain some news about their fate, which causes grave concern for families and, therefore, all of us.”

“Hereby, we, female political prisoners and prisoners of conscience in Evin Prison, protest against the situation of Gohardasht prisoners, and express our grave concerns. We request the possibility to make phone calls and communication as well as family visits according to the previous procedures and in due time.”

Hall 10 of Gohardasht prison has ten security cameras and sixty four surveillance systems and an advanced control room. According to former political prisoners and witnesses, Hall 10 and Ward 4 of the Hall is similar to solitary confinement glass cells.

Source » ncr-iran