The Prosecutor General of the Kerman Province (Southern Iran) announced the sealing of “three centres of arranging night parties” and arresting 18 people in this regard.

“These people have been detained in the suburbs of the Kerman city and in the framework of a special plan for “fighting the vice,” Dadkhoda Salari told Mizan new agency, affiliated with the judiciary, on Tuesday, August 8.

He added that sealing of three “garden houses”, a place for “night parties”, have taken place in recent days following “collecting precise information by police and conducting police operations.”

According to him, after the sealing of the centers, “the main promoters and owners of these places were prosecuted, and a total of 18 organizers of these parties were also arrested.”

The judiciary official described the launching of “night parties” as a sign that “the enemy has broken our borders, entered into the realm of society and houses,” and argued that the prosecution would act revolutionarily in dealing with “manifestations of depravity”.

In the past two years, reports have also been published on the arrest of citizens from different provinces, accused of participating in “mixed gender parties”. According to some reports, these arrests have been asked by the regime’s supreme leader, Ali Khamenei, on the pretext of “social harms”.

These arrests, which take place in various cities of Iran, have even led to birthday parties and weddings, leading to the arrest of dozens.

Attacks and invasions of parties and outright arrests reflect the fear of the regime from the atmosphere of dissatisfaction of the society.

On May 7, this year, the Kerman Public and Revolutionary Prosecutor also announced the “destruction of a large gang of night-parties” in the city and the arrest of 55 women and men in this regard.

Source » ncr-iran