At the end of June 2017, Russian troops and the Syrian opposition delegation reached an agreement to reduce tensions across vast areas of Syria. These areas cover nearly 150 towns and villages with a population of nearly 200,000.

Syrian opposition negotiator, George Sabra, said on August 6, 2017, in an interview on Sky News that the Iranian regime wants to ruin the plan by provoking Assad.

Answering the question of why after the ceasefire agreement on July 17 and 22, citizens are targeted directly, he said: “If the ceasefire in the Homs area is consolidated and the conflicts are stopped, the doors will open for the return of the children of this region, those who were displaced and forced to leave under the violence of the Assad regime. This is also what the Assad regime does not want. Especially the Iranian regime does not want this because the regime has open plans to empty people and replace them with other people, especially in important areas.”

George Sabra added: “The Iranian regime wants to deprive the residents and Syrian people of the positive elements of these agreements. They cannot re-use the planes because of Russia’s decisive prohibition on doing so. Therefore, they use bullets, missile and artillery attacks as well as ground attacks and various types of aggression to defeat these agreements. They want to put international parties particularly the Russians in an impasse.”

Source » ncr-iran