Hengaw Iranian human rights organization announced Sunday that the family members of the chief editor of its website Arsalan Yarahmadi were questioned by Iran’s intelligence ministry agents who threatened to kill him if he did not stop his political activities.

Soleiman Yarahmadi and Omran Yarahmadi, father and brother of Arsalan were summoned on Sunday to the local intelligence ministry office in Kermanshah, Western Iran, where there is a large Kurdish population, and threatened for several hours.

Hengaw is an important news source on government arrests and intimidation of mainly Kurdish dissidents. Yarmohammadi lives abroad.

The statement said that agents asked Arsalan’s brother to bring his phone with him so they could call him during the interrogation. After they placed the call, they asked Yarahmadi to report on Hengaw website that a Kurdish political activist Musa Babakhani who was found dead in Erbil the day before, was killed because he raped three women, not by Iranian agents.

Babakhani, from Kermanshah was a member of the Central Committee of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP), whose body discovered in a hotel in Erbil and assumed to have been killed by Iranian intelligence, that has killed or kidnapped hundreds of opponents and dissidents abroad in the past four decades.

Yarahmadi’s brother and father were forced to write a pledge and seal it with their fingerprints that they will “to either persuade him to stop all his activities, or he will lose his life.”

Source » iranintl