A US military forensic probe into a drone attack on a merchant tanker near Oman last week has concluded that the explosives were manufactured by Iran.

An investigation by US Central Command found that the vessel was hit by an Iranian manufactured drone, the BBC reported.

The attack on the MT Mercer Street, which occurred July 29 and 30 as the vessel sailed off the coast of the Omani island of Masirah, killed a British security guard and the ship’s Romanian captain, according to the report. Three drones were launched, but only one hit the pilot house of the vessel, killing the two men and leaving a 6.5-foot diameter hole.

Britain, the US and Romania were quick to blame Iran, which denied involvement in the attack.

CentCom investigators found part of the drone’s wing in the wreckage, and after testing, concluded the drone was produced in Iran. A joint statement issued by all the G7 nations on Friday condemned Iran’s actions and said its actions threatened peace and stability

Source » nypost