A man was killed in Naqadeh northwestern Iran after military forces opened fire in a protest gathering yesterday. According to the Human Rights News Agency, the man killed was identified as 27-year-old Mohammad Alizadeh. Military forces opened fire, shot pellet guns, and used tear gas to disperse the crowds. Citizens had gathered outside the Police Station Number 11 building.

Social media reports said that locals had gathered to demand justice after “thugs” killed a 31-year-old man identified as Fardin Ebrahimi. Fardin was the father of a three-year-old girl and was a political activist.

Iranian police and security forces carry out these shootings with impunity.

An annual report by a human rights group said at least 204 Iranian citizens were directly or indirectly targeted by Iran’s state security forces in 2020, 74 of whom lost their lives.

Source » irannewswire