Tajikistan has accused the Iranian regime of involvement in the killing of prominent personalities including the former speaker of Tajik parliament, Safarali Kenjayev, during the 1990s, Radio Free Europe Today announced for the first time on August 8, 2017.

In a 45-minute documentary program broadcast on state television, the Tajik Ministry of Interior announced that the Tehran regime was trying to provoke civil war in Tajikistan. The regime provided funding to the Tajik Islamic Party and trained its militants on Iranian soil.

According to Tajikistan’s Interior Ministry, financial assistance from the Iranian regime and its orders to carry out assassinations were carried out through former deputy secretary of defense and one of the commanders of the Islamic Party in the 1990s.

A man who described himself as a former Islamic Party militant said in a Tajik television documentary program that he traveled to Iran in 1995, and along with 200 other Tajik citizens, he had seen training in the destruction facilities of the city of Qom. He said that he returned to Tajikistan in 1997 with clear instructions to kill political and social figures.

Tajik Supreme Court has declared the Islamic Party a terrorist group…

Tajikistan is the first to broadcast this program, which has publicly accused the Iranian regime of funding and directing political killings of the past two decades.

Source » ncr-iran