With each day that passes, Iran is witnessing the possibility of a new uprising, which is clearly reflected by the regime’s officials and state media outlets warning each other that the situation is going to spiral out of control.

The army of the unemployed and of the starving people who are struggling for their livelihood and have nothing more to lose, now extremely frustrated, are waiting for a situation to show their anger and confront this regime. A reality that has raised the fear of the regime’s officials, so much so that they are clearly speaking about the uprising of the starving people.

The state-run website Setareh Sohb wrote: “The events which happened in 2017 and November 2019 will happen again”, because, “the society is angry and frustrated” about the continuation of its existence, the existence that all of the gifts of growth and development have been taken from it.

Setareh Sobh added: “This time, the movements will be from the poor areas of Tehran and deprived cities. Uprising means moving from within society. In the events of 2017 and 2019, about 80 to 100 cities, villages, and towns whose names had not even been heard of stood up. This pervasive and mass movement cannot be called a revolt. Today, such a nationwide social uprising is predicted.

“A marginalized person is someone who has nothing to lose, [if] the match of the (uprising) has been drawn, it will be very difficult to turn it off.” (Setareh Sobh, 1 August)

The state-run daily Etemad quoting one of the regime’s officials wrote: “Iranian society has been in a state of movement in recent years, and as a result, any dissatisfaction quickly turns into a social protest. Collective actions and social protests are the results of social contradictions and feelings of relative deprivation, poverty and inequality or tyranny and authoritarianism, and illegitimacy.”

What is important in the protests and uprisings of recent years is that, unlike the anti-monarchy uprising 1979, while the people knew what they didn’t want, but didn’t know what they want, this time it is the other way round and they know what they don’t want and what they want instead of it, and democratic and free country.

Etemad added: “Everyone easily knew what they were protesting against and what are the demands, so the confrontation between the movement and the dominant power is inevitable. (Etemad daily, 1 August)

Warning and acknowledging the explosive situation of the society and the uprising ahead has also been expressed in the Jahan Sanat daily with the phrase of the “revolt of the starving people”.

“As long as their well-being and peace are not ensured, they will be able to protest in various ways. If people suffer from poverty and unemployment, they will protest and criticize their government officials and take to the streets. This is exactly the dilemma that the authorities are afraid of.” (Jahan Sanat, 13 July 2020)

Health Minister Saeed Namaki once warned: “It is a serious argument that people are rising up because of poverty.”

The highly inflamed atmosphere of the society and the growing hatred of the people towards the clerical government is such that it has forced these media outlets to warn about the conditions of the uprising inevitably explicitly. While the clerical regime does not have the power to suppress the people like the past and knows that any repressive action can be an explosive spark for the inflamed society.

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