Locals in a city in southwestern Iran took to the streets and gathered outside the police station after security forces arrested an outspoken community leader and activist. Habib Fadaie was detained this morning after armed security forces raided his home and beat his son in Jooneghan. He was taken to an unknown location. In a video, his distressed son was seen inviting locals to gather on the streets to demand the release of his father.

Amateur videos on social media showed protesters chanting “Habib Fadaie must be released”. They torched tires and blocked the city’s road. Reports and videos showed riot police attacking protesters with tear gas. Another video showed angry locals scaling the wall of the city’s police station.

Habib Fadaie had given a speech on July 23 during a gathering in support of protests for water in Khuzestan Province, southwestern Iran. The protesters in the gathering chanted “Down with the Islamic Republic”, and in response, Fadaie had said that they wanted an “Iranian republic”.

“Humane life! The Iranian Republic! Our country is falling apart! We must rise! We can’t lose this opportunity. Our people are suffering in poverty and misery all over the country. The people of Khuzestan have nothing else to lose,” he had said during the protest according to a video.

Security forces have arrested hundreds of locals in Khuzestan after they protested for more than a week to demand water. Dozens were also summoned and interrogated in Naqadeh, northwestern Iran, following protests on August 7.

Source » irannewswire