In the early morning of Thursday, August 10, the mullahs’ regime once again executed an adolescent. The regime hanged Alireza Tajiki, a young prisoner arrested at the age of 15, after serving six years imprisonment in the Adelabad prison in Shiraz, southern Iran. This crime took place despite repeated requests from human rights and international authorities.

Alireza Tajiki was transferred to solitary confinement six years ago after being arrested, and was tortured for forced confession despite being a teenager. His case was full of ambiguous questions, and his family repeatedly requested a retrial; a request that was never answered.

In the barbaric laws of Iranian regime, whose rulers are a bunch of torturers and plunderers, thousands of young people are spending the best years of their lives in the medieval prisons, fearful of death. According to regime officials, 5300 prisoners, most of whom are between the ages of 20 and 30, are sentenced to death.

The Velayat-e faqih system ruling Iran, incapable of responding to the most basic demands of publics and in fear of people’s uprising, has resorted to a wave of executions, especially against the youth.

The only way out of the calamity created by this repressive and bloodthirsty regime is the unity and solidarity of all strata and rising against this widespread oppression.

Source » ncr-iran