Following the news about the destruction of Christian’s cemetery in Western Province of Kermanshah, the newly released photos show that Kermanshah municipality has blocked the entrance of the cemetery as well.

Local sources reported that the iron door of the cemetery, which had a view over the inside, was replaced with a large steel door surrounded by a mortar of cement and plaster. The Inside of the cemetery is no longer visible and the entrance is completely blocked.

The families of those buried in the cemetery used to visit the graves, however, it is not possible for them to enter the cemetery now. Meanwhile, none of the Iranian authorities are also responsive regarding this matter.

According to the reports, the municipality has seized the large part of the land under various pretexts over the past few years, leaving the small cemetery with a number of old graves of which the regime’s officials plan to destroy gradually.

Kermanshah Municipality has intentionally destroyed this historical cemetery under the pretext of irrigating the cemetery’s ground. The news was published earlier about the destruction of tombstones as well as the crucifixes engraved on the graves.

The local sources stated that the Christians of Kermanshah were buried in this cemetery until 1992. Their burial services were held there and there was no fence around it at that time. It has been 10 to 15 years since they have built walls and installed an iron door for this cemetery. The families of those buried used to visit the graves but the tombstones are ruined now.

Source » ncr-iran