The situation in Iran is evolving – the economy is suffering and the people are becoming more and more outspoken about their dire situation.

On an international scale, the regime is also losing power. The people of Iraq have spoken out about Iran’s malign influence in their country and they made it clear that they want it out. They have made it heard that they do not want Iran involved in any aspect of the country’s leadership and they have risen up against the political parties, militias and politicians that allied with Iran. Furthermore, the people of Iraq have voiced their support for the people of Iran who are rising up against their corrupt leadership too.

In Syria, the Iranian regime and its militias there are facing setback after setback after repeated attacks from Israel. The regime wants to abandon the militias but it is not quite as simple as that.

U.S. President Donald Trump has offered to meet with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, but so far nothing has been arranged. President Trump has said that there is no harm in talking about the situation between the two countries, especially now that the effects of the harsh economic sanctions are being felt by Iran. Although Trump is extending a hand out to Iran, this does not mean that it is softening its stance. The Trump administration is seeking full compliance from the regime and it believes that the time is coming when the regime will have no choice but to comply.

The Iranian regime could have made the situation easier for itself by complying to the demands listed by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo a few months ago, but the regime ignored it. It has too much to lose – its face and its pride or its path towards regional hegemony.

It is not just the United States that wants to confront Iran. Many other states want to curb its influence and spread of terror in the region including regional rival Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. Many also want to see Iranian Regime and its militias expelled from numerous countries, notably Syria, Yemen, Lebanon and Iraq.

Aside from its isolation elsewhere, the domestic situation in Iran is heating up too. The people are taking to the streets and demanding regime change. Gone are the days that they protest solely about the economic situation. The people want regime change and they have been heard chanting “Death to the Supreme Leader” and “Death to the President”.

On top of this, the people are supported by the Resistance movement that is working towards freedom, democracy and the respect of human rights in Iran. The people of Iran are reassured that they are not alone. They have the support of their fellow citizens, but also the support of the main and only viable opposition.

The fall of the regime is near. Even if it does decide to take Trump up on his offer of meeting, we know that it will accelerate the downfall of the Regime.

Source » ncr-iran