Mohammad Davari, a civil rights activist from the city of Yasouj (southwestern Iran), was arrested by Ministry of Intelligence forces on August 10, 2018, at his parent’s home. Mohammad Davari was reportedly held incommunicado for three days before he was transferred to Yasouj’s central prison.

A source close to Mohammad Davari confirmed the news saying: “After the three days, he was remanded without bail for two months, and is currently in solitary confinement. At the time of his arrest, the agents confiscated some of his personal belongings such as his mobile phone, laptop and written notes.”

Mohammad Davari was previously detained on March 5, 2018, for pulling down a banner during the widespread popular protests in Iran. He was released eight days later on a 50 million Tomans (approximately $10,000 USD) bail. The authorities reportedly told Davari’s family that he was arrested on the charge of “Acting against national security through disturbing the public peace of mind”.

Mohammad Davari, 26, was born in Deshdasht and is studying master of Political Science. He was arrested another time following the death of Hashemi Rafsanjani when he pulled down a banner bearing Rafsanjani’s photo. He was later released on bail.

Source » iran-hrm