Iran state-run media reported that Ghadir Investment Company succeeded in signing an investment agreement with the Russia’s Zarubazhnaft and the Turkey’s Unit International Companies.

According to Shana, Iran regime’s Ministry of Oil news agency, based on an agreement signed in Moscow on Monday August 4, the three companies will invest in joint oil and gas projects inside and outside Iran.

Shana news agency added that the investment share of the three companies will be equal, but Ghadir will lead the consortium formed. Shana cites the news as remarkable because, according to this state-run news agency, this is the first time that an Iranian company has succeeded in signing a tripartite agreement on participation and investment with two foreign companies.

Ghadir Investment Company is under the control of the Iranian regime’s Supreme Leader, Ali Khamenei.

The signing of agreement between Ghadir Investment Company and a Russian company and a Turkish company indicates that Khamenei-controlled entities benefit from the JCPOA, the nuclear agreement between the regime and the world powers and the lifting of sanctions.

The Iranian regime’s Ministry of Oil had given the study of the development of several oilfields in Iran to Ghadir Company in March 2017. The company was established in 1991 by Iranian Bank of Saderat. In 1995, the company turned into a public corporation and its shares were traded on Tehran Stock Exchange. A few years later, the regime’s Social Security Organization of the Armed Forces bought and controlled most of Ghadir’s stock.

Ghadir is currently one of the largest investment companies in Iran owned by seven holding companies and 140 affiliated companies, operating in many sectors of the economy, including oil, gas, petrochemicals, construction and mining.

There is no doubt that a truly private company in Iran cannot get permission to operate in large oil and gas projects, and only companies controlled by institutions such as the Revolutionary Guards and government officials have such a capability.

The U.S. Treasury Department in 2013 introduced Ghadir as one of the affiliated companies of the “Executive Headquarters of Imam Khomeini’s Command.”

According to Reuters, the value of the assets of the Headquarters, dubbed, as a “financial empire” in 2013 was $95 billion. According to some reports, Ghadir Investment Company with about two billion dollars of capital is one of the 10 largest Iranian companies that hold one third of Tehran’s stock exchange.

In 2013, the U.S. Treasury Department placed the Executive Headquarters of Imam Khomeini’s Command, along with Ghadir and dozens of other companies in Iran, on its sanctions list, and wrote in a statement: “The purpose of this network is to produce and control a large amount of capital that is Kept out of the official financial records away from the eyes of the Iranian people and international financial regulatory bodies.”

Source » ncr-iran