These accusations are being made without presenting any “valid evidence,” said the statement issued by Nasser Kanaani, spokesman for the Iranian Foreign Ministry.

Kanaani added, “U.S. judicial authorities have raised accusations without providing valid evidence and necessary documents in a new fiction in the continuation of the country’s endless accusations against the Islamic Republic of Iran and in the continuation of their failed Iranophobic policy.”

Such baseless claims are made with political goals and motives, the diplomat asserted.

“And in fact, it is an escape forward, propaganda, and especially evading the responsibility for numerous terrorist crimes either the U.S. government has been involved in, like the cowardly assassination of Martyr General Soleimani, or they have been carried out with the support and backing of the United States, such as the terrorist crimes of the Zionist regime and terrorist groups such as Daesh,” the spokesman added.

The spokesperson of the Iranian diplomatic apparatus stated, “Fabricating threadbare and baseless myths is turning into a repeated procedure in the U.S. judicial and propaganda system, and this time around, scenarios in connection with politically bankrupt and worthless elements like (former national security advisor of the United States John) Bolton have been used to advance the process.”

“The Islamic Republic of Iran strongly warns against any action against Iranian citizens under the pretext of such ridiculous accusations and emphasizes that it reserves the right to take any action within the framework of international law to defend the rights of the government and citizens of the Islamic Republic of Iran,” the spokesman concluded.

Source » tehrantimes