Two young 20- and 19-year-old prisoners from Afghanistan were sentenced to death in central prison of Zahedan, Southeast Iran, on the charges of armed robbery from a financial institution.

According to reports, they were subjected to intense physical and mental torture in the prison, in order to confess to what they were asked to in front of the television camera.

Hamza Noorzehi, 20, and Amir Noorzehi, 19, were arrested in Zahedan on 28 July 2014.

According to reports, Hamza Noorzehi was working in a quilt shop and Amir Noorzehi was working on the street repairing and waxing shoes when Fereshtegan (Angels) Financial Institute, also known as Arman Institution, was targeted by an armed robbery. According to their relatives, they had nothing to do with the armed robbery, and they were only working on their daily routine work.

At the time of arrest, Hamza Noorzehi, was 17 and Amir Noorzehi was 16 years old.

The Angels aka Arman financial institution was based in the city of Zahedan. It is said that the financial institution has gone bankrupt due to embezzlement and there are rumours that some of its employees are arrested.

The two detainees have recently been sentenced to death in Branch 1 of the regime’s court in Zahedan, and each has been fined 12 million Toman and 12 years in prison. These two prisoners are currently detained in Ward 2 of Zahedan Central Prison.

Source » ncr-iran