With a look back at history, one can see that a plummet in national currency can lead to significant growths in price, unemployment, crime and corruption of all kinds; which ultimately results in a desperate society. Iran is sadly undergoing the very same thing now; many children and body members are being sold just to make a living…people are losing their warmth and trust towards each other…not to mention, their morality too…

As reported by a German news known as DW earlier this year, Iran’s poverty line stands at 4 million Toman. According to recent official reports, the average monthly income of Iranian workers is now 1 million and 130 million Toman; which as admitted by Tasnim News (run by the terrorist Quds force itself) is way below the poverty line; in fact, it reveals that 50 million Iranians (which makes 80% of the population) are now living under this line!

As stated by regime’s MP, Hedayatollah Khademi on July 29 2018, since “only 200 families have taken control over an entire country” for over 40 years, the nation has reached a very critical point now.

With yet another increase over the past days, dollar is now worth more than 12000 Toman! as expected, this has triggered a new wave of protests across the nation (especially since the July 31, 2018); people are being more frequently heard chanting political slogans like “death upon Khamenei, death upon dictators, Mullahs must be killed, beware of the day we become armed”, and so forth…

The frightful economic problems (resultant from the mentioned increase in dollar value as well as the ongoing sanctions) and their dreadful pressure on people, especially those from the lower class, have reached a whole other level now. In fact, dollar rate is expected to continue inflating in the coming days and weeks, which is going to turn an already angry nation completely upside down!

With nearly 8 months since the first protests, people have become more serious, organised, and persistent than ever! Which has gotten the authorities to admit that the protestors and the PMOIs (People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran) are demanding the very same things! The regime can now see that substituting a few pawns will no longer do the trick for them, because what people really want this time, is their subversion!

The new set of protests share certain features in common, such as an impressive growth in women’s presence in rallies, an increasing courage in the face offs with the government (with an increasing politicisation of slogans), an expansion of rebellious groups and their increasing role in the leading of these protests (which has very much scared the regime, to the extent that authorities can no longer hide it from the public, as they give away their fear in different ways), and a concurrence of the protests with the witnessed strikes of truck drivers.

The desperateness of the regime has become even more apparent in Khatami’s recent 15-point proposal, in which he asks Khamenei to do something about this political deadlock.

To sum things up, people have reached a point where they’ve really had enough with the corrupt regime and see no other solution but going with “an eye for an eye” from here onwards.

Source » ncr-iran