Iran yesterday slammed a Saudi newspaper for publishing a cartoon which resembles the late Iranian leader, Ruhollah Khomeini, deeming it as an “insult” that the Iranian people “will not tolerate”.

“We expect the brothers in Saudi Arabia to resume their relationship with us based on common interests, and we hope that Riyadh will adhere to the principle of dialogue and avoid taking any measures that harm this matter,” said Nasser Kanaani, Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman, in reference to bilateral talks to establish relations between the two states.

“The Iranian people condemn the insult of Imam Khomeini and will not tolerate it, so we expect Saudi Arabia to pay attention to this issue, and we have announced the necessary warnings if such cases and events recurred,” he added as reported by the official Iranian news agency.

On Sunday, the Saudi Al-Riyadh newspaper published a report entitled “Iran and assassinations..a close relationship”, with a caricature of the face of a person resembling Khomeini mixed with the famous expression of Satan.

Source » middleeastmonitor